Peace Event Confirmed for September 2018

An International Peace Event proudly organised and sponsored by Ivory’s Rock Foundation will be held in Queensland on September 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. Prem Rawat has been invited as guest speaker. 4,000 people from many parts of the world are expected to attend to discover more about their own inner resources of personal peace and fulfilment. The venue is Ivory’s Rock Conventions & Events at Peak Crossing, approximately forty five minutes from Brisbane and twenty minutes from Ipswich, purpose built for international events of this size. Registration and more information is available at

Prem backstage amaroo 2017

Event Managers are keen to involve businesses and contractors from the local community as much as possible and have begun speaking with vendors and potential contractors from the area. Many months of preparation go into mounting this large event with catering, shops, entertainment, onsite restaurants, accommodations and a daily programme for guests in the outdoor amphitheatre. The large influx of international guests is a boon to the local economy and a wonderful opportunity to showcase local produce. Last year guests came from seventy different countries and enjoyed being introduced to local cuisines and wines, exploring the Scenic Rim and having holidays in Queensland following the event.

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Koala Fodder Project For Orphaned Koalas

The koala fodder project is well underway at Ivory’s Rock Conventions & Events. This initiative was announced at the Civic Reception held in the conference hall at Ivory’s Rock in September, 2017.  Since then there has been several tree planting days in a designated plantation area near the Sandy Creek area on the property. On the planting days in April and May 2018 some volunteers planted trees in the ready laid out rows, whilst others watered and mulched. Once the trees grow to around 8 feet tall they will be maintained at that height by harvesting branches for Koala fodder. Local koalas rescued by the Ipswich Koala Protection Society will benefit from the fresh food compliments of Ivory’s Rock. The IKPS find it difficult to source enough fresh leaves suitable for koala consumption, so this plantation will be a big boon to their orphaned and sick koalas. IKPS save approximately 150 koalas a year and run an ambulance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

koala IKPS

Volunteers that came along to help enjoyed the social interaction, meeting new people and catching up with old friends, happy in the knowledge that their efforts would help koalas in need. Grounds Manager, Dick Marriott, supervised the overall project delivery. The plantation will eventually have 1,000 eucalyptus trees specifically chosen for their suitability as koala fodder. This is stage one of the koala protection project. Stage two is still in the planning stages.

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Ivory’s Rock Welcomes 500 New Australians

Ivory’s Rock Conventions & Events Centre opened its doors on Saturday 26th May to more than five hundred New Australians, recently settled in Queensland from countries as diverse as Syria, Sudan, Congo, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.

The Family Day included a full cultural program with Welcome to Country and performances by the local Yuggera Dance Group followed by Tichawona Mashawa, orginally from Zimbabwe and Tenzin Choegyal, originally from Tibet performing indigenous music. The crowd joined in when Mirama Tokatli and her Middle Eastern Dancers performed, then Hip Hop artist from South Sudan, Mantist Orem, told his story. A drumming workshop by Gilbert Garay was popular.

Dance performance

Presenting an opportunity to learn more about the Australian environment Wildcall thrilled guests with reptiles they could see and touch and Biro gave a talk on native birds. The biggest hit was the adorable baby koala, brought along by Ipswich Koala Protection Society; for many children this was the first time they had seen a live koala.

childrens activity busy

The children were thoroughly involved all day with face painting, craft activities and a sports zone where they played volleyball, football, cricket and skipping. Volunteers from Brisbane Student Ambassadors, Volunteering Queensland, Access, MDA, the local community and Ivory’s Rock Foundation helped with a range of activities.  A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the day such a success.

Sports fun

Ivory’s Rock Foundation in collaboration with key agencies Multi Cultural Development Australia (MDA) and Access Community Services (Logan) organised the day. Many thanks to the Queensland Government for a $10,000 grant that helped cover bus hire costs and entertainment and the Ipswich City Council for a $2.500 grant that went towards productions.

Lidi Daliri of MDA said “I would like to thank Ivory’s Rock for a beautiful event on Saturday. It was amazing, many clients commented that they learned a lot about Australia and had a great time. They wrote on their feed-back forms they would like it if we could organise it every three months.”

This was a special day that will linger in the memory of all who participated, whether as a guest, a volunteer or as an organiser.  To share this great facility with newly arrived refugees and show them the beauty of the Australian bush was a complete pleasure.

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Recent Community Day at IRCE


IVORY’S Rock Conference Centre threw a thank-you barbecue for the people of Ipswich and Scenic Rim who helped make some big events a success.

Perched at the foot of the picturesque pocket of rock formations around Mt Flinders, the conference centre has hosted two music festivals, the Spartan Race and the Peace Conference during 2015.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Murfett said the barbecue was about thanking the community and local contractors who assisted with making the events run smoothly.

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Peace Event


Ivory’s Rock was delighted to host another successful convention in September on personal peace. The event attracted over 4,000 delegates for 5 event days. Many stayed in local accommodation throughout Ipswich and the Scenic Rim, it was a boon for the local economy.

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Awesome Outdoor Concert Experience at Ivory’s Rock

Imagine you are attending an exciting music event with one of your favourite artists.  It is outdoors and the weather is fabulous, after all it is Queensland, and close to Brisbane.  It’s easy to get there, just hop on a train and catch one of the charter buses running out to the venue from nearby Ipswich.  You don’t know what to expect really, often it’s very rough and ready when you go to outdoor concerts.  You are pleasantly surprised when you reach the venue.  It is stunning, with large manicured areas surrounded by natural bush.  You are thrilled to see a koala in a tree and a few wallabies hopping along.  The pavilion area is exceptionally well set up – there are individual shops selling merchandise, clothing, sunglasses and music.  You even find a store selling vinyl records, how cool!  Food and refreshments are plentiful, served from a concessions area near the shops.  You and your friends bask in the sunshine at tables and chairs on the lawn.  You saunter over to the attractive domed area for a bit of shade after a while.

You notice there is a specific first aid shop with an ambulance parked next to it.  You feel safe and impressed at how well organised this event is.  Time for the concert and you begin the lovely walk up the hill to the spectacular natural amphitheatre.  Set up theatre style with chairs it looks like there are at least 5,000 people.

Packed Amphitheatre (2)

There is a type of lobby area above the amphitheatre with the nicest outdoor bathroom facilities you have ever seen and more refreshments available.  The atmosphere is cruisy, but the excitement is starting to build.  An enormous screen shows a close-up of the stage. You sit down, then the support band comes on.  They are awesome and the sound is fantastic.  You notice there are sound booths right across the back and rigging across the front of the stage for the lighting and sound equipment.

Translation booth (2)
It’s hot but the shades over the amphitheatre keep you comfortable and soon your favourite band comes onstage.  The big screen shows awesome close-ups and the music is just sensational.

Large LED screen front

This is definitely the best outdoor venue you have ever been to.  It has all the elements that make an outdoor concert so compelling, but with the addition of top class facilities that make it so much more comfortable and enjoyable.  One of your friends was on the production crew and he told you later that the backstage facilities were sweet, with an audio-visual production room just behind the stage, a broadcast room and a control room for production directors.  There were also several well appointed green rooms for the bands.  He said there was plenty of room for vehicle access to the back of the stage, making bump in and out really easy.

The concert has finished and buses have come up to the back of the amphitheatre to pick up patrons as it is beginning to get dark, but you and your friends opt for a twilight walk back down the hill as you reminisce on what an awesome concert you enjoyed. All this is possible at Ivory’s Rock Conventions & Events Centre at Peak Crossing.

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Multi-purpose, Flexible Outdoor/Indoor Venue Close to Brisbane and Ipswich


Ivory’s Rock Conventions & Events is a multi-purpose, flexible venue that lends itself to an array of different types of events, functions and gatherings.  Situated close to Ipswich and Brisbane it is an ideal environment for conferences, workshops, day meetings, weddings, functions and community events.  Easily accessible with a large car park and turning circle to accommodate buses, it is just 20 minutes from the Ipswich train station.

With up to date technical equipment to support conferences and trainings in the purpose built conference centre, the site can be used on a day basis or for extended residential conferences and trainings.  The accommodation options, that include safari camping for 3000, provide a quiet, relaxed environment for delegates where they can wind down from their busy schedules and focus.  The combination of facilities such as the Pavilion with 29 shops, large dome covered space and surrounding grassed area for dining and relaxing, Function Centre with flexible room configurations and outdoor amphitheatre together with the conference hall provide a unique variety of spaces.  The surrounding bushland and extensive manicured areas for relaxation and exploration add a distinctive flavour to team building events, workshops, residential retreats and camps.

It is this stunning setting supported by high end technical facilities that  delights guests at music concerts and speaker events in the amphitheatre, large outdoor events such as the Spartan obstacle race for two years running, outdoor trade shows and highly successful community events.  Horse riders, caravan enthusiasts, bike riders, endurance racers, music lovers and nature lovers all enjoy visiting and using the exceptional facilities at Ivory’s Rock Conventions & Events.

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